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Money is a necessary tool at present. Specifically, the fee to enter the mayoral race is $1,000. Otherwise, money is mostly used by candidates to spread their message and build name recognition. Money is not required to accomplish these two things - what is required is that we share what we are up to with our friends and family, and even with strangers (aka, friends you haven't met yet). We will use the power of exponential growth (the sort that is burying many under mounting debt) to get the word out and build our base.

If you passionately and enthusiastically share our campaign with 10 people, and they share it with 10 new people, and they share it with 10 new people, we will have reached 1,000 people. The last election for mayor of our city was won with only 13,513 votes. We can take the helm! Regardless of the outcome of the election, Charleston will be transformed through our committed grassroots direct action.

We will be organizing our supporters primarily via text messaging. Please fill out the short form below.

We are capping donations at $10 per person (if you want to collect and pool donations from friends, please be sure to provide their names). Donate here.



We - that includes you! - will take our passion and dedication for change out into our community as we take direct action to protect people and planet. Text messages are our main mode of communication. By submitting this form you consent to receiving texts from us.
(We promise not to be obnoxious).