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Don't Mow, Grow!

We must support citizen-led neighborhood micro farms, aka Climate Victory Gardens, where food scraps and yard clippings are transformed into rich soil and then turned into healthy nutrient dense produce. Free range chickens turn scraps and insects into eggs for the community. The stewards of these micro-farms and front yard land donors can be compensated financially through sliding scale voluntary dues and in kind gifts. Government stipends can help where such support is needed.

Not only can we grow a significant portion of the food we need right here in our own city, but we can reweave community by creating a context for real human connection, and a place for children to play and learn.

Replacing lawns with regenerative gardens will benefit our ocean by eliminating the need for fertilizers that create toxic conditions for sea life. Regenerated soil is like a sponge, holding substantial amounts of water, thus helping alleviate flooding.

Visit UrbanHomestead.org for inspiration.