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A growing movement of Charlestonians is answering the urgent global call for immediate local action to avert climate catastrophe, while also addressing injustices rooted in poverty, racism and sexism. Inspired by the Extinction Rebellion, Martin Luther King Jr.’s call for “Drum Majors for Justice” activated by radical love, and community weavers around the globe, we are STANDING UNITED for a responsible, self-reliant, and caring Charleston.


It’s time to speak the truth. It is absurd to ignore the effects of climate change on Charleston. Yet, our leaders won’t acknowledge the urgency of the climate crisis, instead they focus on one of its primary local effects - flooding. Stacking sandbags and putting out buckets to address occasional flooding will not address the coming deluge. IF WE DON’T ADDRESS THE BIGGER PROBLEM NOTHING ELSE IS GOING TO MATTER. We cannot stand by as the other candidates passionately argue about the arrangement of deck chairs on this Titanic.

Our city is ground zero for the catastrophic effects of climate crisis. WE must lead on this issue and show the rest of the country what appropriate bold direct climate action looks like.

WE MUST ACT NOW. We owe it to our children, our ancestors, and ourselves.

Racism, wealth inequality, homelessness, education, transportation, justice and ecological crises are interconnected and amplified by the myopic focus on economic growth that benefits a few. Together, we must re-imagine what REAL PROSPERITY looks like for the people of Charleston.

This must transcend the political divides that are paralyzing our nation. Every one of us has more power than we think to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the positive differences that are necessary for our community to thrive. We cannot wait for our leaders to fix the mess we allowed them to make. It is time to create a responsible, just, resilient Charleston ourselves.


No one representative can make the changes necessary to create a sustainable future for our beautiful city. An activated, engaged, empowered and collaborative citizenry is the only answer.


We are told that politicians, billionaires, CEOs have the power, and that only power we have is in the voting booth. This is a self fulfilling prophecy. Too many of us go about our days feeding at the trough of largely meaningless jobs where our value is measured in terms of the profits we generate for others. Desperate to numb the pain of our purposeless existence, and the fear that one slip up or turn of bad luck will put us on the street, we voluntarily subject ourselves to further brainwashing as we watch hours of television a night. Be afraid - terrorists want to kill your family, your neighbors are evil fascists/libtards, the sky is falling. Those in power want you to be afraid. They want us to be divided. That’s how they control us.


Together we will create a community that feeds, nourishes, houses, clothes, educates and celebrates every single one of us. All that is required is that a critical mass of us (and it’s fewer than you might think) rise up - turn off the TV, shrink our monetary needs and share our resources so that we can serve the community in ways that bring joy to our lives and to the lives of our neighbors, and see what miracles we create. We know we don’t have all the answers, but we do have some ideas.

Think we’re crazy? We promise this isn’t nearly as crazy as thinking politicians and corporations are suddenly going to start dismantling the system that got us here, and them in power. It’s not nearly as crazy squandering your one wild and precious life serving a system that has no interest in your well being. And besides, what do you have to lose by taking back your power and using it to make a difference in the world!?

Are you free of the system? Want to help free others? We need you! Share your resources. Let’s plant vegetables in your yard (we can find someone who would love to tend it if gardening isn't your thing). Let a community organizer/worker live in your guest room. Put your experience, skills and time to the tasks at hand.

We are running a candidate, because that is how the system works at present. But know that we are running as A MOVEMENT and stand together for liberty and justice for all on a planet, and in a city, that sustains itself joyfully and abundantly.

About Our Candidate:

M. Renée Orth is a community organizer, author, possibilitarian, an anti-politician and our candidate for mayor. She runs The Stone Soup Collective, a non-profit which nourishes hundreds of people in the Lowcountry, regardless of financial means, through healthy, sustainable means. Her first book, Conspiracy of Dreamers: Capitalism at the Service of Humanity demonstrates how we can reconfigure our economic system to serve the planet, and all people. She graduated from UCLA summa cum laude in ‘96 with a BA in political science and has a law degree from Berkeley Law School. She is a member of the South Carolina Bar and has been a Charleston resident since 2016.

​​About Our Funding:

Money is a powerful tool and a terrible master. Systemic forces in our economy have resulted in US dollars being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people. New possibilities emerge when we see that REAL PROSPERITY is the food, shelter, clothing, companionship, entertainment, care, concern, art we need to THRIVE.

To demonstrate that success does not revolve solely around monetary transactions, we are limiting donations to $10 per person (though we welcome your help pooling donations!). (For more on why thinking money is an essential tool is a problem listen here.) Donate here.

To spread our message despite our intentionally small budget we will be organizing sign making parties and work/play events where we take action to improve our city. We cannot run on a platform of sustainability with plastic signs, so we will ask for scraps of wood, paper, and old things you have lying around your garage that can be repurposed. You will be guided by skilled artists to turn them into beautiful works of art for your front yard to celebrate the future we are creating! Host Potluck Parties (message us here to schedule) in your neighborhood where we will share about the movement and begin the essential work of putting our gifts at the service of a sustainable and just Charleston. We’d love to hear songs about this movement and the amazing world we’re living into! If you own a building or land with a place for a mural or large banner we have artists ready to donate their talents!

Most importantly, we need YOU! The power of us all, aligned with integrity and activated by love and a powerful vision of a better world, is the only thing that can change the trajectory of our species and our planet. Share. Inspire. Act. Create...Like your life depends on it. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.